Reeve is a Node.js boilerplate framework designed to reduce development time when building scalable web applications.

Developing a software product can be expensive and time-consuming. With the right framework, you can reduce development time while building a secure, production-ready web application.

Key Features

100% Javascript
Enjoy blazing fast development times as your app shares a single code-base across the front and back end.
User Account Management
User and client accounts, pre-built and ready to be used with minimal configuration.
Fully Translated
Reeve supports full translation across the front and back end, and within your emails.
Payment & Subscription Handling
With full Stripe integration, take advantage of a fully-prepared subscription and payment structure.
Routing & Page Management
Your pages are easy to configure and secure with smart routing and page handling.
Sequelize ORM
Retrieve data from a MySQL or Postgres database using a powerful javascript ORM.
Usage Logging
Keep track of how your visitors use the application with third-party usage logging integrations.
Error Reporting
Using third-party integrations, error information is ready to be reviewed when application problems occur.